Playing golf offers fantastic health benefits for all ages that want to engage in the said sport. With typical golf courses averaging about 5000 yards or more, apart from zigzagging with a trusty golf cart, most won’t even notice that they end up walking up to 3 miles.

Playing golf provides a healthy combination of reducing stress levels, muscular activity, and social interaction because you can do these activities at your own leisure pace and in a fresh air environment.

Listed below are top five choices of golf courses in the area depending on what your budget permits or the kind of mood you are looking for.

Richmond Hill Golf Club

From the latest golfing equipment, fashion, and accessories to advice, with Richmond Hill Golf Club and their friendly sales staff, all your golfing needs are adequately addressed.

With 18 golf courses to choose from, something will suit anyone’s preferences.

Socializing with fellow golfers is made more fun and exciting because of the number that plays golf in this place.

Address: 8755 Bathurst Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 0H4

Contact Information: 905 889 4653


Website: Richmond Hill Golf’s Official Website, Richmond Hill Golf’s Facebook Page

Bloomington Downs Golf Club

For beginners who want a more relaxing and carefree golfing experience, Bloomington Downs Golf Club is the place to be.

Address: 855 Bloomington Rd E, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 1A2

Contact Information: 905 773 1936

Website: Bloomington Downs Golf Club’s Facebook Page

Summit Golf and Country Club

Founded in 1912, you will enjoy the Summit Golf and Country Club’s peaceful atmosphere because it is the perfect place to get away and momentarily forget the city life.

Summit Golf and Country Club’s peaceful atmosphere is the perfect place to get away and forget the city life.

If you prefer a quiet time to play golf and not encountering other golfers, this is the perfect place to enjoy an ideal round.

Address: 1901 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 3N9

Contact Information: 905 884 8621

Website: Summit Golf and Country Club’s Official Website

Bathurst Glen Golf Course

For those in a tight budget but would love to experience playing golf, Bathurst Glen Golf Course is your best bet.

Not only it is budget-friendly, but Bathurst Glen Golf Course is also Audubon Certified.

As an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary certified, Bathurst Glen Golf Course demonstrates leadership, commitment and high standards of environmental management and continually shows its best management efforts to maintain its certification.

Address: 12481 Bathurst Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 2B4

Contact Information: 905 773 4334

Website: Bathurst Glen Golf Course’s Official Website

DiamondBack Golf Club

With humps and bumps that may seem daunting to some, the DiamondBack Golf Club is an excellent place for beginners and intermediate players who are up to challenge.

Undergoing extension renovations, their elegant clubhouses, patio, and bistro, is a perfect place to celebrate weddings, banquets, and meetings.

Just off Highway 404, DiamondBack Golf Club is easily accessible to those who are looking for an exceptional location to enjoy playing golf.

Address: 13300 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 1A2

Contact Information: 905 888 9612

Website: DiamondBack Golf Club’s Official Website

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