Relax while Enjoying the Time Away at Lake Wilcox Park

Being the largest town in Canada, Richmond Hill is one community that offers a handful of attractions, tourist spots, and new facilities. Its neighborhood is a mixture of residential and commercial areas, thus adding more to its already evident charm. Aside from the attractions, Richmond Hill is also close to Toronto, which is all the more reason why some people would choose this community over the others.

Among the several spots that you can find and enjoy in Richmond Hill is the Lake Wilcox Park. The Wilcox Lake houses three recreational parks that’s why more locals and tourists appreciate this location even more. Among these recreational parks would be the Lake Wilcox Park that you can find at 55 Olde Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3C8.

Lake Wilcox

New amenities to explore and enjoy

Lake Wilcox Park is for people who are always up for an adventure. Just recently, the park has added new amenities to their features, and your free-spirited personality will surely appreciate it. They have opened a waterfront promenade, as well as a Splash Pad which is one of the best ways to beat the heat on summer days.

Aside from that, there are new washrooms, picnic area, and a playground that are now available for the public. Parking is also not an issue because they have improved the parking lot area of the park.

One of the best activities that you can do and enjoy at this park is rent a canoe or boat and while the time away as you fish for a variety of fish, including northern and crappie pike, yellow perch, and largemouth bass. Since this lake is a famous fishing spot, don’t be surprised if in case you catch more than you’d expect on a regular fishing day.

What not to do at Lake Wilcox Park

Although it seems like you can do almost anything while at the park, you should still keep note of those things that are not allowed while at the vicinity of the area; such as swimming. This activity is strictly not allowed because the water area is unsupervised, thus unsafe for swimming. There are also specific safety issues linked to this such as high bacteria levels, broken glass, sharp items, and sinkholes.

Make sure to follow the park’s rules and regulations as it will undoubtedly result in a more enjoyable and hassle-free stay. It will also help if you take the time to read their safety tips, especially if you have kids with you.

Something to watch out for

What’s impressive about this park is that they are continually looking to upgrade their place. A youth area is on the way and will be up for everyone soon. This space is particularly for youth who are in the ages of 13 to 19.

There will be beach volleyball courts, fitness equipment, a skatepark, Wi-Fi access, and multi-purpose courts for other sports like ball hockey and basketball. The youth area was decided upon after getting feedback from teens and parents of Richmond Hill. Now teens can have a unique place of their own where they can hang out and spend time with other teens.

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