tow truck near meIt is a crazy difficult ordeal being left stranded on the road because your car broke down. It could be a car engine problem or a flat tire, or even a dead battery. Whatever the cause may be, a towing service will surely save the day! But the question you may be thinking is, “How can I choose the best tow truck near me?” Towing Richmond Hill is your top choice because of a number of reasons. We have these reasons nailed down below:

1. 24/7 Towing Service

It is true that you never can tell when your car will break down. And there is no telling when you might accidentally leave your keys in the car. These are some problems that our clients experience, so they contact us for their concerns. A car lockout, a flat tire, a dead battery, a car that won’t start…. These are tough ones to deal with! But here’s the good news amidst those problems – we operate our business 24 hours a day. Yep, we don’t sleep because we know car problems don’t sleep either! You can be out on the road at 2 am and suddenly your car battery dies on you. Or a flat tire gets in the way. Whatever the reason for getting your car towed, we are here to help. Our 24/7 towing company can get you out off an unknown road and onto your destination – fast.

2. Certification

Our towing specialists are licensed to perform the tasks they offer. In fact, we don’t just hire people just because they can tow vehicles. We make sure they are licensed and highly trained to do the job perfectly. Towing Richmond Hill staff undergoes strict background to ensure their capability to perform well on the job. Personality and performance are important qualities for us, so we make sure everyone on the team meets our high standards. Our staff attends training to update their knowledge and skills. Since there are newer models of vehicles today, our skills also need an update. We learn about these new techniques to deliver a high level of service all the time. One last thing – Towing Richmond Hill is insured and bonded. You can definitely be sure that when you contact us for your needs, you get the result you want. And you have nothing to worry about each time you work with us.

3. Prompt and Reliable

Don’t you just love it when the kind of help you need comes to you sooner rather than later? This is our motto – to be on time all the time. Towing Richmond Hill values your time, and we prove it by coming on time. You give us your location, we show up without delay. We don’t make you wait at all because being in a car problem is stressful in itself. Our team will not add to that stress. In fact, we will remove that stress and get you back on the road and straight to your destination. When we say we will be there on time, we make sure to keep our word. We are reliable and you do not have to follow up at all. And the best thing is that we got everything needed to when we show up. No need for us to return to the office because we forgot a tool. This is why we ask for complete details when you call us on the phone. We want to make sure our tools are sufficient to fix your problem.

4. Reasonable Price

Are you afraid of breaking the bank by hiring a towing service? This is probably true with other towing companies out there but not with Towing Richmond Hill! We offer highly competitive rates to help you meet your budget. Our pricing is fair, and when you request for a quote, we provide an accurate price as your reference. After the task is complete, we will give you a receipt indicating the cost incurred. You can expect it to be the exact same price that we mentioned over the phone. In case there were additional problems we fixed, we will explain it before we hand the receipt. This is why there are no hidden costs or surprises on your end.

5. Reputable Company

Towing Richmond Hill has been in business for 10 years. This is quite a long time, and our clients continue to choose us for their towing needs. It is a testament of how much they value us even if there are newer companies here in Richmond Hill. When a company gets repeat business that means great news for new clients. It only proves how respected a company is throughout the years. With our expanding client base and numerous repeat business, we can tell we are your best bet. We promise you to walk away feeling very satisfied with what we do – just like all our other clients.


Need references? We can give you that, just ask! Give us a call today at 647-691-7671 for the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable towing company in Richmond Hill.