Richmond Hill is not only famous for its vast selection of international cuisines, it also has various government buildings that address each citizen’s unique needs and concerns.

Listed below are the top seven government buildings and services that should be on your speed dial.

Richmond Hill Fire & Emergency Services (RHFES)

Accidents are inevitable, and it is vital to keep RHFES on speed dial because a mere second is of great importance that could change or even save a life.

RHFES is a full-time fire service with six stations and 165 members that serve a total of 202,000 people.

Address: 1200 Elgin Mills Road East, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4S 1M4, RHFES

Contact Information: + 1 905 883 5444

Website: RHFES’ Official Facebook Page, RHFES’ Official Twitter Account, Richmond Hill’s Official Website


Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital

With Mackenzie Health as a regional healthcare provider that has served a population of more than half a million across York region and beyond, among its partners are Mackenzie Richmond Hill and the future Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital.

Address: 10 Trench Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 4Z3

Contact Information (Richmond Hill): 905 883 1212

Contact Information (Vaughan): 905 832 4554

Website: Mackenzie Health’s Official Website

Foreign Affairs Consulting Services (FACS)

For those interested in coming to Canada temporarily or permanently, FACS is an immigration consultation service company that assists people in navigating the complexities of the Canadian immigration process.

Address: 19-13085 Yonge Street, Suite 170, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 0K2

Contact Information: 1 866 334 3807

Website: FACS’ Official Website


Richmond Hill Economic Development

If you need the right home for your business, the Richmond Hill Economic Development Team is your best bet.

Dedicated to helping local businesses to thrive and expand, and providing needed support to entrepreneurs, big Canadian head offices such as BMW Canada, LEGO Canada calls Richmond Hill their home.

Address: 225 East Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 3P4

Contact Information: 905 771 5483 or 905 747 6382



Richmond Hill Studio Tour

Quoting Dead Poets Society, “Medicine, law, business, engineering – these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love – these are all what we stay alive for,” and indeed, art enriches one’s life in many ways unimaginable.

From pottery to live music and dance performances, Richmond Hill Studio Tour gives artists the platform and opportunity to showcase their talents.

Contact Information: 905 787 1411 Ext 222


Website: Richmond Hill Studio Tour’s Facebook Page


Richmond Green Student Council, Richmond Green Secondary School

If anyone plans to send their kids to school, at Richmond Green Secondary School, they give students the platform to voice their opinions and host events.

Address: William F Bell Pkway, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Website: Richmond Hill Secondary School Student Council’s Facebook Page


York Region Transit (YRT)

YRT/Viva is a transit service in York Region, with connecting services in the City of Toronto, and regions of Peel and Durham.

With YRT, you will get to your desired place in no time.

Address: 50 High Tech Road. Richmond Hill, Ontario

Contact Information: 1 866 668 3978

Website: YRTViva’s Facebook Page


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