SilverCity Richmond Hill: A Movie Theater Like No Other

There is no better way to bond on a weekend or a day off from a long week of work than watching a good movie at the cinemas. The good news is whether fiction, drama, romance, comedy, or horror, the SilverCity Richmond Hill movie theater got it all covered.

Nice environment, friendly staff, good food, and clean place – these are just some of the good things people are raving about at the SilverCity Richmond Hill Theater. If you’re looking to spend the afternoon or evening with your special someone at the cinemas, this theater gives you big screens, tasty popcorns, sweet drinks, and plenty of parking space.

Silver City Richmond Hill

It maybe because Vaughan people have an extreme interest in movies, but there are actually a lot of theatres from Woodbridge to Richmond Hill area, all of which have fantastic quality and SilverCity is definitely no exception.

The massive screens are an absolute hit, as well as the snacks and beverages that can be bought outside the theater. The staff is as competent as ever, and it has a great location. Moreover, it is way less-packed than Colossus, which makes SilverCity is a clear winner.

What People Say About SilverCity

“I had a great time watching Captain Marvel at SilverCity with my son. The new system they have where you purchase your own tickets was efficient and quick. There were a lot of kiosks. The theater was organized and clean.” – Tsuppa via TripAdvisor

“SilverCity is one of my favorite movie theaters. I enjoyed comfortable seats, good sound, and friendly staff. The parking spaces are quite limited but there is an option of parking on the adjacent road. Also, you can eat from the restaurants nearby.” – Jacob via TripAdvisor

“Excellent location to visit with the family! Staffs are very, very friendly and there is no line. Also, the self-service is a brilliant idea.” – Annie via TripAdvisor

Where to Find SilverCity Richmond Hill

SilverCity’s movie theater is currently hosted by Cineplex. It is one of Canada’s leading entertainment companies, which operates multiple businesses such as food service, theatrical exhibition, amusement gaming, alternative programming  (Events by Cineplex), digital and traditional media (Cineplex Digital Media and Cineplex Media), out-of-home entertainment and leisure (The Rec Room, Topgolf, Playdium,), eSports (WorldGaming) and home entertainment online content (

Cineplex is also a joint partnership with SCENE – the biggest entertainment loyalty program in Canada.

Cineplex’s company mission is influenced by their passion to deliver exceptional experiences to guests from all walks of life. It is proudly recognized for having one of the Most Admired Corporate Cultures. As of this writing, Cineplex employs more than 13,000 people in its offices in Canada and the United States. If you want to get to know Cineplex more, go to or use the Cineplex App.

SilverCity Richmond Hill Theater’s exact address is at 8725 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 6Z1, Canada. You can reach out to them by calling 905-709-8755.

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